Audi cheats
Motoring Journalist Accuses Audi of Cheating During 1,000-mile e-Tron Road Test

In the motoring journalism bubble, motoring journalists are instructed by their Editors to “smooch” with auto manufacturers. You are not meant to criticise any motoring organization and you always use adjectives such as “surprisingly” “good” as a substitute to saying “it’s” “crap”. We here at the Daily Car Blog see ourselves as automotive emissaries, we are ambassadors and display exemplary conduct when dealing with automotive institutions…AHEM!

Our reputation with all automotive press departments is at an all-time high. And we are constantly held in high regard for our diplomacy… AHEM! If we were ever inclined to criticize a car supplied to us by an automotive manufacturer, during a road test, we would never adopt unprincipled and dare I say it, such ungrateful language.

We are reeling from the shock of Audi being called cheats from non-other than the highly respected motoring journalist Vicky Parrot. During a 1,000 mile test of the all-electric Audi e-Tron Parrot accuses Audi of cheating during a recharge waypoint.

Because of our highly respected standing within the motor industry, we are aghast that Audi’s image and corporate character can so easily be besmirched by such ingratitude. Motoring journalism is truely dead.

Audi cheats
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