5 Do-It-Yourself Car Repairs That You Should Never Attempt

Getting your car fixed is not cheap. In fact, the average auto repair costs up to $600. This is no easy bill to incur. Roughly 1 in 3 drivers take on new debt to pay for an auto repair. The significance of auto repair bills leads people to make some poor decisions. The most common mistake is do-it-yourself car repairs that should never be attempted.

Read on to learn whether you should try to fix your car without professional assistance. Explore 5 do it yourself car repairs that you should not try at home.

1. Air Conditioner

Many people think they can fix air conditioner issues on their own. For example, there is a common perception that simply adding Freon is the fix for an AC unit blowing hot air.

The truth is that you can make the air conditioner worse by attempting a DIY repair. There are so many different connections to consider and a complex AC repair requires an experienced mechanic.

2. Balancing Tires

Even handy individuals fall into the trap that balancing tires is as simple as changing a flat tire. Balancing or mounting a new tire is more complex than it seems.

Unfortunately, it is probable that you do not have the correct tools to complete this job. If you do not balance tires correctly, the end result is that your tires will wear down faster than anticipated. This will cost you more in the long run than having an auto repair professional do it.

3. Timing Belt

Many people think that they can replace a timing belt because they have swapped out a serpentine belt. The major difference is the location of the two belts.

Timing Belt Differences dailycarblog

The serpentine belt is on the outside of the engine making for an easy replacement. However, replacing a timing belt requires deconstruction of the engine. Anything that requires engine disassembly should be left to the professionals.

4. Check Engine Light

Some ambitious vehicle owners want to research check engine lights and self-diagnose the issue. However, this is generally a big mistake that can lead to bigger issues.

The vast majority of vehicles on the road are highly dependent on computers. It takes a specialized diagnostic reader to decipher the source of the check engine light. Then, you will need access to the manufacturer’s engine repair manual to initiate a repair action.  

5. Windshield Replacement

Lastly, some vehicle owners seek to reduce windshield replacement costs with a DIY repair. Potential for reduced costs included service labor and insurance deductibles. In addition, they believe the repair can be made without involving the insurance company.

The truth is that windshield replacement requires special tools and skills that you likely don’t have. A poor job can lead to leaks causing costly damage to the interior.

A Recap of Do It Yourself Car Repair

Do it yourself car repairs can lead to higher costs in the long run. Trying to balance tires or replace a windshield can result in worn-out tires or an interior leak, respectively.

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