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5 Perfect Tips To Caring For Your Car

A car is a crucial asset, but it takes a lot of hard workand caring to maintain its reliability. Used cars require more attention compared to new ones. Regular car care ensures that you save money that you could have used for major repairs. Even if your vehicle is new, visit dig my ride to learn how you can take care of it to extend its lifetime and keep its performance at its peak. Here are five tips to caring for your car.

1.) Check Tire Pressure

Maintaining the recommended tire pressure will not only keep you safe, but it will also save you some money. Over or under-inflated tires will not handle or stop your vehicle as well as the correct pressure. Such tires also increase your chances of a blowout. Additionally, tires with the right pressure have a long life and improve your fuel efficiency.

Flat tires? safety advice

Make sure you inspect your tire pressure every day because it changes depending on the temperature and the miles you drive. Most experts recommend that you fill your tires at a gas station, but any other fill-up places will catch any deficiency before they become a big problem.

2.) Oil level

Your car’s performance heavily depends on your oil level. The primary role of oil is to lubricate any moving parts in your engine. Oil also transfers heat from your vehicle’s combustion cycle, holds the by-products of combustion, and then sends them to the oil filter. If you do not have the recommended oil in your car, you may land into severe engine failure.


Your owner’s manual will guide you on how to check your oil level. However, you can also do it on your own. All you need is a clean paper towel and adequate light. Wait for about five minutes after switching off your engine for the oil to drain back into the pan.

3.) Wash your Car

Every day your car is subject to things such as dust, grease, salt, and grime. Such items will eat away your paint, and later your metal. Failing to wash your car will not lead to immediate damage.

Car Throttle Alex Kersten Getting Dirty

However, the elements will corrode your vehicle over time. Wash your vehicle regularly to keep it healthy and sturdy.

4.) Clean the Glasses

Keep your windshield, rearview mirrors, and headlights clean. If they are dirty, you will not have a clear vision of the road, and this may lead to an accident. Use cleaning fluid to wipe your windshield and rear view mirrors. You can also use toothpaste or baking soda to fix your headlights temporarily.

Best headlights for your car, BMW,

If you want a permanent solution for your lights, use UV-resistant clear coat. Still not obtaining the look you desire? Keep at it as every bit helps to clean up your car and make it shine again.

5.) Drive Carefully.

At the end of it all, your driving style will determine how often you visit your mechanic. Avoid accelerating during start-up since this will lead to quick wear of the engine. When you come to a red light, shift to neutral to give the engine a rest.


Become a car caring considerate person, and you will enjoy your drive for a long time.  

Car car - top tips -
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