Project Kahn - 2019 Clothing Range -
Chelsea Truck Company Launches New Clothing Range In Time For Christmas

Afzal Kahn, C.E.O and creative director of Project Kahn, Kahn Design and The Chelsea Truck Company has launched a new range of apparel which includes high-end caps, timepieces and hoodies, with a range of additional products due for launch soon. Inspired by a plethora of high-end clients who requested apparel to go with their luxury vehicles, Kahn believes he can make a big difference in terms of automotive fashion retailing, pointing towards generations of experience to draw on as the founder of a number of successful automotive designer brands.

Project Kahn - 2019 Clothing Range - Model -

“Some of my staff are from the same generation as customers who aspire to own Project Kahn or Chelsea Truck Company vehicles, hence they know that their peers are glued permanently to their phones, scrolling through social network whilst they are at work or anywhere else, thinking about what they are going to wear on their next special event,” said Kahn who has over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

Project Kahn - 2019 Clothing Range - Time Piece  -

“However, our existing clients who own Kahn vehicles want to be able to flick through a digital wardrobe packed with car accessories, posters hoodies, watches and much more whilst looking glamorous and confident,” he says.

Project Kahn - 2019 Clothing Range - Hoodies -

Kahn said his new digital fashion business: has been designed with the customer experience at the forefront of every decision.

Project Kahn - 2019 Clothing Range - Hoodie model -

“It’s a very dynamic model, every product down to the finest detail has been carefully selected to ensure that we have set the benchmark for the industry once again – this isn’t just a vehicle website, it’s automotive fashion… and there’s nothing else like it.”

Project Kahn - 2019 Clothing Range -
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