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Volkswagen Concept Previews Next-Generation Caddy Van
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Let me start by saying the new generation Volkswagen Caddy Van will never look like this official VW concept. So why is that? Concepts – sketches or physical models – are designed to ramp up publicity. In this case, this particular concept is part of VW’s pre-marketing campaign to get all van owning people thinking of buying a van. The new-look Caddy has already been decided behind closed doors. We know that because VW will officially reveal all in 2020.

If the production model looks as good as this concept preview then take my money now VW. But it will not… not ever. The reason being is that transferring a concept sketch into a full production model has limitations. Even with modern production techniques realizing a concept sketch into onto the assembly line would be inherently expensive.

Certain surface detailing from concept van sketch to full production will make for a poor return on investment per product. So that’s why you always a diluted production model compared to the razzle-dazzle concept. And besides van drivers, in general, are the spawn of Lucifer and do not deserve such a trendy looking van.

Volkswagen Caddy Van - 2019 Concept - Rear - Dailcarblog

When the Caddy finally goes on sale it will get a host of current technologies seen on-road cars. VW reckons the production version will have slim LED lights at the rear and even semi-autonomous driving technologies. Let’s hope the next generation Volkswagen Caddy Van has an AI bot mode where the on-board CPU can make Brexit Van drivers drive like human beings instead of apes.

Volkswagen Caddy Van - 2019 Concept - Dailcarblog
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