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It’s Upgrade Time: 7 Cold Air Intake Benefits

Are you trying to figure out whether you need to upgrade your car? Read this article to learn about cold air intake benefits. In case you didn’t already know, cars aren’t exactly engineered as efficiently as they could be. That’s why there are a lot of aftermarket parts available to turn your ride into the best beast it can be. One of those is the well known cold air intake—and they’re not just for gearheads and racing enthusiasts. They’re for anyone and everyone who is looking to give their car a little TLC and improve its overall performance.

You don’t have to be mechanically inclined to appreciate the cold air intake, but there is quite a bit to learn. So, keep reading to learn more about the cold air intake benefits.

What Does a Cold Air Intake Do?

To better appreciate the top benefits of a cold air intake, you have to have an understanding of what it is and how it works first. 

A cold air intake (CAI for short) is an aftermarket assembly of parts. These parts work to intake cold or cool air into your car’s internal combustion engine. Why does this matter? Because cooler air is more oxygen dense, and more oxygen means more power.

A stock air system circulates warm or hot air through your engine and its peripheral system. Not only is the warm air less dense in terms of oxygen volume, but it tends to wear down non-metal components. 

With cold air intakes, there is no longer a need for boxed air filters. They replace your old air filter and box as you situate them on top of your upper wheel well area.  This spot specifically has access to more free-flowing and cooler air with minimal heat from your car’s engine. 

The entire cold air intake assembly includes a much better filter as well as smoother intake tubs that are larger in diameter. They are also designed with fewer bends to deliver a straight shot of that uninterrupted cool airflow.   

Cold Air Intake Benefits

More oxygen combustion per volume is just one of the many benefits of cold air intakes. You’ll find that many mechanics recommend installing these aftermarket parts right off the bat, to improve your overall ride.

Check out these top benefits of having a cold air intake. You’ll thank us later after you’ve installed your own. 

1. More Horsepower

It’s all about that oxygen, and it’s worth repeating. Especially because the intake of air in your car’s engine directly affects its output. Cooler air allows for more efficient fuel burning during the combustion cycle. In other words, cool air equals an increased rate of oxygen combustion—which results in a higher output.

The end result is an increase in your car’s horsepower. The amount of horsepower you’ll gain from a cold air intake entirely depends on the type of car you have. Horsepower typically increases from five to 12 revolutions per minute (RPMs). 

2. More Responsive Acceleration

The benefits of cold air intakes can always be felt by your foot. Due to the increased horsepower, your accelerator pedal will become more responsive. This is because your car will reach its intended speed much quicker when a larger volume of cool air is moving through the combustion cycle. 

The result? More speed, less lag time.

3. Better Gas Mileage

What’s better than going fast? Not wasting gas.

Low volumes of oxygen increase fuel consumption. This is because there’s an improper air to fuel ratio, which creates weaker combustion. Cold air intakes are designed to correct this problem. They guarantee an optimum fuel to air ratio as they intake a higher volume of oxygen dense air.

Your wallet will thank you when you’re paying fewer visits to the gas station. 

4. They Sound Cool

It doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive. If you’re a car enthusiast, you can appreciate a nice engine roar. A cold air intake can give your car that nice high-performance growl. 

This is because unlike your stock intake system that’s made to work silently, cold air intakes are not. They’re made for performance. With an increased amount of air being sucked in, there will be a more intense airflow throughout your engine. This precisely what converts your lamb into a lion. 

5. You’ll Spend Less on Filters

Your average factory air intake system is a glorified piece of paper. In other words, they’re paper air filters. That’s not to say they don’t do a good job, but you still have to replace them every 15,000 miles. 

With a cold air intake, you get reusable filters that only have to be cleaned every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. The cleaning part is easy as well—all you have to do is wash it in cool, soapy water and let it air dry. 

6. Increased Throttle

When you’re driving uphill or even stopped at a light, you’re going to need a bit more energy to get going. With warm air in your combustion chamber, don’t count on quick response time from your engine.

With a cold air intake, once again, you get more oxygen per combustion cycle. This does more than just add to your horsepower output—it also powers your entire engine more efficiently, improving your low-end torque. In other words, even when you’re going slow you’re engine is going fast in terms of response time. 

7. Better Overall Performance and Increased Life Span

Whether you’ve got a need for speed or you like to take your ride offroad, a cold air intake will increase your car’s overall performance. It will also increase the lifespan of your engine and its peripheral parts. 

Over time, hoses crack, moving parts malfunction, and engines overheat. With cool, oxygen-rich air funneling through your engine, you have the advantage of more power, better gas mileage, and efficiency throughout your entire car. Efficiently moving parts create less wear and tear as well as less room for error. 

The ultimate result of a cold air intake is a better overall performance of your car as well as an increased life span. 

We Say It’s Worth it

Now that you know all the cold air intake benefits, you’re decision to purchase one just got a whole lot easier. It’s important to remember, however, that quality matters. So, do your due diligence and shop around to find a cold air intake that comes from a trusted brand and suits your type of car.

For everything you want to know about cars and all things related to cars, check out the rest of our website. 

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