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Dacia In No Hurry To Electrify Product Range
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We started the new year with a positive more enthusiastic approach to covering car news and as with every new year’s resolution, we broke it almost immediately. When we heard Dacia was intending to electrify its entire product offering we all nearly choked during the morning coffee meet. Dacia isn’t exactly electrifying as it currently stands and electrifying its entire range of cars is like trying to revive the eternally dead.

Dacia is value for money, a no thrills rust bucket that you discard after a few years. These cars a bought by people who want to save money not just on car purchases but on life itself. They often end up using their Dacia to tow a 30-year old caravan to a urine-soaked caravan park. However, Renault intends Dacia to electrify in 2-3 years’ time because at that point the technology would have become widely available and therefore cheaper.

Even Dacia realises the future is electric and rather hilariously has made it known they will offer a fully electric Dacia in 5 years time. For a mere £10k. Dacia is part of the fragmented Nissan-Renault Alliance and relies on economies of scale to make sell cars as cheaply as they can offer.

But a £10k fully electric Dacia in 5 years time looks like an impossible challenge. The only way they can do it is by offering outdated technology, but to a price-conscious Dacia buyer outdated is always in fashion.

Dacia To Eventually Electrify - dailycarblog.com
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