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4 Tips to Maintain Your Car When It’s Parked

There are some elements of car maintenance that should be left to the professionals. We’re not expecting you to walk before you can run. Car maintenance is the owner’s responsibility, though, and it will benefit you if you take the time to look after your vehicle.

The inner workings and even the finish of the car need care and attention. However, just like anything else precious in your life, how you treat your vehicle will generally impact its appearance, value, and longevity. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be left without a means of getting from A to B, and you want your car to look good and retain its value.

With all of that in mind, we’ve put together 4 tips for car maintenance. The difference here is that they aren’t about how you drive the car, what fuel you put in it, or how often you get it serviced. These tips won’t require you to pop the hood, but they will help you look after your car.

Protect it from the Elements

If you regularly park your car outdoors, where it is exposed to the elements, it can suffer long-term damage. Dirt and chemical compounds, including acids from the rain, can form a coat on your car, and rust is an issue, too. Wherever possible, look for a covered spot for your car, especially if it will be parked there for a long time.

If you have a sheltered space to park your car at home, then your first job is to maintain that space. In order for it to act as protection from the elements, it should be inspected and maintained regularly. That’s according to, who recommend roof tune-ups.

Keep it Safe

There are the obvious steps you can take to keep your car safe, which include locking it when you leave it. Your car is vulnerable when you leave it, whether it is on your driveway or on the street. There are some precautions you can take to reduce the likelihood of anything happening to it. Where you park is a consideration, as is the general appearance of your car when you leave it.

Always try to leave your car somewhere well lit. That means parking near a streetlight, or if you park on the drive consider purchasing some motion sensor lights. Avoid leaving any valuables visible, as this can increase the risk of theft. You could also add a steering wheel lock which will cost thieves valuable seconds. This is very off-putting for would-be criminals.

Check Your Tires

When your car is parked, it is the ideal time for a visual inspection of your tires. They should be maintained at a certain pressure, and have a minimum tread depth. A quick walk around your car can tell you whether any of your tires are looking underinflated. You should follow this up at a gas station, where you can use a pressure gauge to check more precisely. 

There is a neat trick to check the tread on your tires, which should be around one third of an inch when new. If you put a penny into the tire tread headfirst in several locations around the tire, the top of Lincoln’s head should be hidden in the tread. If it is visible, it is time to change your tires. 

Insure Your Vehicle

Having the security of insurance is invaluable. Your car is worth a tidy sum, and accidents, repairs, vandalism, or theft can be costly. Knowing that your insurance covers these payments offers peace of mind and, in some countries, it is a legal obligation.

Finding a good deal on your car insurance is useful, but make sure you get the right coverage. When looking at policies, check if you have comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, and optional extras to get a combination that is right for you and your vehicle. 

Final Thoughts

Your vehicle is a reflection of you, as well as a useful tool that makes your life easier. Taking good care of it requires a little time and effort, but the benefits are immeasurable. Many maintenance tasks can be performed by the owner and having a good look round your car when it is parked is a good way to make sure that these important checks are carried out in a timely manner.

Ammo NYC Porsche 964 re-spray
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