Ford Coronavirus -
You Can Now Easily Contract The Coronavirus With The Ford Mustang Mach E

The Coronavirus is apparently spread by animal to human contact. More people in ever-closer proximity to wild animals is a recipe for flu endemics. The Coronavirus began its journey in China, experts believe it was the result of the Chinese population eating almost any animal they can feast upon. One such animal is the fruit bat, a delicacy in China.

Medical experts who study how pathogens spread believe the virus-carrying fruit bat was one of a handful of epicenters for the coronavirus outbreak. Now Ford has devised a new way for you to catch the deadly flu virus without ever having to visit mainland China.

Thanks to the Ford Mach E’s frunk, you can dine in full knowledge you are helping to spread a new form of the Coronavirus pathogen. I think I’ll give this dining experience a miss. Ford Marketing, total and utter screwup merchants.

Ford Coronavirus -
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