Fiat Centoventi - Electric Concept Car -
Centoventi Concept Previews The Next Generation All-Electric Fiat Panda?
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I am not one to get excited about the Fiat Panda, it is not a car I would ever consider buying. However, Fiat will be replacing the outdated Panda with an all-new electric vehicle architecture, expect to see it in Q4 2020. Fiat has confirmed the Panda’s new design language will resemble the Centoventi concept, previewed at the 2019 Geneva Motorshow. Indeed the Centoventi or a descendent of the concept will sit alongside the Fiat 500e and will almost certainly adopt the 500e’s electric drivetrain.

But as with all concept cars do not expect the Centoventi to make it into production unchanged from the Geneva showcar. Concepts are designed for publicity events, they are a marketing assist, a tool to get a message across to a specific target audience. To help generate interest and gather potential new buyers.

The Centoventi concept is designed to be customisable and upgradeable with an offering of a selection of battery packs. The entry-level model will offer a driving range of 62 miles. Fiat will allow future owners to either rent or buy up to three extra underfloor batteries to extend the electric range.

The maximum range offered will be 311 miles. If the Centoventi concept does make it into production expect a ‘duller’ looking final production look. Concepts are designed to look exciting, but in reality, that exciting look is often expensive to manufacture on a mass scale.

Fiat Centoventi - Electric Concept Car -
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