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Jimmy Broadbent Bans The Daily Car Blog on Social Media

He’s blocked us! he has! Jimmy Broadbent, racing sim geek extraordinaire has blocked the Daily Car Blog on Twitter! But… what, the now? We were the first auto blog to feature Jimmy Broadbent, what? three years ago? Back then he had less than 100k followers and made videos from his shed. He’s a celebrity now, and he ditched us! he used us man! We’re all meant to be one happy family within the automotive world… he blocked us!

The fame, the fame has gone to his head, and we kick-started his rise to the top. But we don’t want any thanks and don’t require it. We’re happy for Jimmy and wish him all the best and continued success. Actually, he is more successful than us now. But that’s not too difficult, there are dogs more successful than us. But anyway… he blocked us, on Twitter! He’s even got an agent now! what the… The other day we noticed. I didn’t even know we were following him, to be honest. But that’s bye-the-bye, water under the bridge.

… he blocked us! us… the Daily Car Blog. He is an internet celebrity now, rubs shoulders with Lando Norris, online… but he blocked us! used us, chewed us up and spat us out. It all feels more lethal than the coronavirus, presumably.

Anyway, Jimmy gets to try out BMW’s motor-racing sim. But it ain’t any ordinary sim, this is a full-blown pro-motorsport rig costing in excess of £1m GBP. Not many in the media, let alone intergeek celebrities get to try it but Jimmy is well connected these days.

He is featured on DriveTribe for example. You know something about DriveTribe? it’s like the facebook for car fans. I mean I don’t get why people contribute to the site other than having a loose association with Clarkson, Hammond and May. I mean DriveTribe is raking in the cash and the fans work for free. Sounds like modern day slavery to me it does.

But that’s what fame does to you, it can go to your head.

Jimmy Broadbent - Twitter Spat with The Daily Car blog - Dailycarblog.com
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