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Reasons Why You Should Get A Rochester NY Buick Verano

The General Motor (GM) Buick Verano is described as an entry-level luxury compact sedan and hatchback that features a front engine and front-wheel drive. It has a unibody construction that takes advantage of galvanized steel on its fenders, hood, and roof. The same material is used for the vehicle’s door panels and bumper covers as well. The first-generation model was developed way back in 2012. Since then, GM has continued to improve the vehicle with upgrades to provide a more comfortable drive for its users.

Here are the reasons why a Buick Verano is perfect when going around Rochester, NY:

1. Comfort

The Buick Verano was manufactured to provide a bit more luxury compared to other economy compact cars. With this, even second-hand models are comfortable to drive because of the durability of its seats and engine.

Its front seats give you more control over adjustments so that the driver can enjoy long drives without straining their backs. The model also has more headroom, which makes it an ideal vehicle for tall people.

Comfort doesn’t just stop with the seats and its interior, though. As a driver, prepare to be impressed with the Buick Verano’s agility, which allows you to handle it seamlessly. Plus, GM made sure that its suspension system provides a smooth ride even when going through rough city streets.

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2. Affordable

This GM car model also provides value for your money. Even though it’s deemed as a luxury car, it’s price falls between the range of budget-conscious car shoppers.

The 2018 model has an approximate base cost of 21,000 USD, which is more or less at par with budget cars, like the Subaru Impreza, Volkswagen Jetta, and Chevrolet Cruze Sedan.

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Moreover, a Buick Verano with fully-loaded features can be purchased for 30,000 USD or lower. Maintenance costs for the vehicle are relatively cheap as it comes with a 70,000-mile powertrain warranty as well as free scheduled maintenance services after every 24,000 miles that the car has traveled.

3. Fuel Economy

Aside from having an affordable price tag and maintenance cost, the vehicle has an efficient fuel system. Although there are plenty of other models that can conserve fuel better than the Buick Verano, it gives you the performance you deserve for the amount of regular unleaded fuel you put in.

The car returns 21 miles per gallon (mpg) on town roads and 31 mpg on highways. This figure already provides the efficiency that you need to traverse Rochester, NY streets, without having to worry too much about New York gasoline prices, which falls between 267.0 and 257.2 cents per gallon.

Some tips on how to save fuel:

Avoid Additional Baggage – Excess weight can drag your car down, which means that the engine will need to consume more power to get it going at the speed you want. Avoid putting heavy things on your car as much as you can and remember to go easy on the accelerator.

Maintain Correct Tire Pressure – Similar to excess weight, having flat tires can also drag your car. This leads to more fuel consumption and may result in more significant problems with your engine.

Turn Off Your Car – When you’re staying in a single place for a long time, instead of running the engine on idle, turn it off. This can save you gallons of fuel, and you won’t contribute to air pollution.

Safety and Occupant Protection

The Buick Verano is also an ideal family car because of its safety features. It has ten airbags, which is significantly higher than the number that other vehicles have.

The model also has an automatic crash notification system that alerts responders when you’re involved in an accident.

4. High-Tech Features

Buick Verano - Rochester NY - Interior -

Moreover, this model is equipped with high-tech features, such as a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, IntelliLink Infotainment system, and Bose audio system. These ensure that you can go to long drives outside Rochester, NY, without worrying about entertainment for you or your kids. Plus, there’s the OnStar communications system as well that gives you access to emergency personnel when you experience major bumps during your road trip.


With its comfortable seats and allowing you to enjoy low maintenance costs and an efficient fuel economy, a Buick Verano gives you value for your money. It’s also equipped with safety and hi-tech features to create a secure space for your kids, especially during long drives to the country.

The Buick verano - Rochester NY - Dailycarblog
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