Mat Watson - Sentient Being -
Carwow’s Mat Watson Discovers He IS A Sentient Being After Observing His Reflection During New Audi A3 Review

Carwow’s Matt Watson is now at peace after finally discovering he is a sentient being. The incident was captured during his review of the all new generation Audi A3. Watson saw his reflection for the first time ever and upon doing so finally came to grips with being aware of the world around him. Joining the realms of sentient beings affords Watson the privileges and rights enjoyed by all self-aware lifeforms on planet earth.

Being conscious of his own existence and actions allows Mat Watson the right to chose, the right to make conscious decisions. Consciously. But what is the Audi A3 in comparison? A machine, a determination based on cold hard engineering and logic.

After overcoming his emotions, Waston delivers and expert review of the new 2020 Audi A3. Of course, Watson delivers his unique (Benny Hill inspired) take during the review, but that’s… because he, Mat Watson… is a sentient being.

Mat Watson - Sentient Being -
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