ETesl Elon Musk - 2020 Plans -
What is Tesla Doing in 2020?

So what is Tesla doing in 2020? According to YouTube channel FutureLab, quite a darn lot. From Robo Taxi to the Cyber Truck Tesla is changing and leading the automotive landscape. And it’s all the brainchild of Elon Musk. Musk, the multi-tasking, multi-billionaire who likes nothing other than a giant spliff to smoke at the end of a busy day.

We have to interject here, the video mentions Tesla’s fully automated Robo Taxi service. The commentator reckons a Robo Taxi service, to rival Uber, will cost $0.18 per mile. It doesn’t sound correct, but we’ll see.

There are a lot of “could” and “likely” statements made in this video. But as Master Yoda once said, “what is, might not be”. Anyway, Tesla is fast-forwarding the present because the 21st century is so, like, yesterday.

ETesl Elon Musk - 2020 Plans -
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