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Cleaning Tips for the Inside of Your Car

Dirty car? Most of us spend the majority of our time focusing on our car’s exteriors. We buy quality products like Auto Finesse Snow Foam to keep the outside of our vehicles dirt free and sparkling clean. But when’s the last time you considered the cleanliness of your car’s interiors? No worries we’re here to help with some great tips for a sparkling interior. Cleaning the inside of your car may seem like a fairly common-sense task, however, there are some key tips that can make a big difference in your clean. Well also provide a few tips to help keep your new sparkly clean interior clean as well.

Start with the Trash

Cleaning out the trash needs to be the first step. It might seem fairly simple but it is a step you do not want to skip. Picking up all of the trash out of your vehicle before moving forward or doing anything else will ensure you get the best clean for your car.

Take Care of the floor mats

After you’ve tackled the trash, the next step should be removing the floor mats. Washing the floor mats outside of the vehicle is the easiest and best way to ensure they get thoroughly clean. Remove the floor mats and spray them down.

Get the loose dirt and crumbs off of it and then scrub it down with whatever clean soap you choose to use. After they are cleaned to your standards leave them out and hang them to dry before placing them back into the vehicle. You also want to clean the carpet in the vehicle before you place clean mats back into the vehicle.


Once the mats are removed and cleaned properly you should vacuum the entire vehicle. Use the vacuum to clean the crumbs or dirt even from the cup holders or storage areas throughout the car, both front and back seats. Using the vacuum to pick up everything will make it easier on you than trying to clean it out yourself.

Wipe Down Interior

Once the loose dirt is cleaned out, you can start to wipe down the steering wheel, cup holders, storage areas, and the radio system. Anything that can be wiped down should be.

You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe down everything before you use a cleaning wipe or even a cleaner and a rag to clean everything. Take your time on this step. Ensuring everything is wiped down and clean will improve the end result.

After everything is wiped and clean you can take extra precautionary steps by using protectant wipes. These help to ensure the interior of your car doesn’t fade, crack, get discolored, etc.

Clean the Windows

Car Cleaning Detailing - AMMO NYC - Dailycarblog

After the interior is wiped and clean you can then tackle the windows. You can purchase wipes specifically for your windows or you can use a spray and rag or paper towels to wipe them down as well. Either are completely acceptable and will get the job done.

Tackle Seats & Stains

The last area you can tackle is the seats. Even if there aren’t any visible stains, you want to clean the seats to ensure you thoroughly clean the vehicle. You can purchase specific soap and materials to wash the seats and remove the stains.

Once the seats are clean, there are things you can do to help keep them clean. You can apply essential ceramic coatings on your own to help protect your seats from future stains. The coating protects the fabric from dirty or liquids.

With these helpful tips, we’re sure you’re going to get the cleanest interior in your car as possible. These tips ensure you clean your vehicle in specific sections or areas first. This ensures a thorough clean. The tips also provide ways to help keep your car clean after all that hard work. 

Car Cleaning Detailing - Dailycarblog
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