Next Generation – Morally & Ethically Corruptible Mercedes – S Class Spied
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Morally and ethically corruptible Mercedes – a company that tried and failed to force workers back to work at its Spanish van facility during the peak of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic – is in the final stages of alpha-testing the next-generation S Class. An eagle-eyed Instagramer stumbled upon the all-new Mercedes S Class out and about in Stuggart, free of cam-cladding often used to distract and divert attention in an attempt to blend in with every day road users.

The photos reveal an evolutionary approach to the exterior design while the interior appears to be more Star Trek The Next Generation. The next generation S Class borrows styling elements from the A Class Saloon, particularly the headlights and rear tail-lights.

Although we do not get a profile shot, the new S Class appears to be loosely styled on the CLS, it shares a similar rear profile. However, the S Class rear roofline doesn’t slope as dramatically. The interior is especially interesting because apart from the steering wheel, the photos show very few physical buttons on the infotainment system.

This suggests two new developments, primary controls may now be shifting to the steering wheel and extensive use of voice commands. Voice command technology is now getting close to the Star Trek levels of interaction, the technology has improved significantly over the last three years and software improvements continue to surge.

No details on model trim or engine specs, but an educated guess is that the new S Class will be offered with the usual array of mild-hybrid petrol and diesel engines in addition to full hybrid derivatives. Expect also to see a pure electric version. The new S Class is expected to go on retail sale sometime in June of 2021.

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