Toyota Supra A80, dailycarblog
BMW Made The Toyota Supra Bad Says Scotty Kilmer

Scotty Kilmer has ditched his rootin-tootin, free radical ideologist YouTube persona for a more sedate, critique filled video for his latest YouTube upload. What went wrong with the Toyota Supra asks Kilmer. Kilmer points out that the 1990s Supras were, in the engine department, over-engineered. 

Toyota’s over-engineering of the Supra (A80) meant formidable reliability rival manufacturers could not match. The Toyota Supra (A80) was and in many ways remains popular among the custom performance crowd. Kilmer loves Toyota’s, mainly for how reliability they are.

But this critique ergo criticism by Kilmer of Toyota is highly unusual. Kilmer points out that the problem with the new generation Supra is the BMW sourced engine. However, the real takeaway here is Scotty Kilmer’s pivot to a more professional approach to YouTubing. Outrageous!

Toyota Supra A80, dailycarblog
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