Corrupted Mercedes, Turkish Anti-Corruption Probe, dailycarblog
Morally And Ethically Corrupted Mercedes Investigated Over Anti-Competition Practices
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Morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes, who tried and failed to sacrifice their Spanish workforce to the Coronavirus, is being investigated by Turkish authorities over corporate anti-competition charges. The investigation centers on whether Morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes colluded with other German car brands in the sharing of key business interests, including but not limited to environment and security interests. 

The Turkish Competition Board launched an investigation Wednesday, last week to determine if morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes broke Turkish federal law. Further details were not revealed. However, BMW and the Volkswagen brand group were cited as being the other culprits. The investigation is currently on-going.

There may well be a political element to this investigation, pressure tactics being applied by Turkish authorities acting as leverage. However, German car brands have form with corporate corruption, having been caught up similar probes further abroad and closer to home in Germany.

Corrupted Mercedes, Turkish Anti-Corruption Probe, dailycarblog
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