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4 Awesome Luxury Car Care Tips

After discussing the coolest cars you can purchase this year, it5’s also useful to understand how to properly take care of your luxury car once you finally take the leap and buy it. Considering how much of an investment a luxury car is, whether a Mercedes S-Class or the Lexus LC 500 you see above, you must carry out the proper care to make sure this luxury car will last you. 

Use Common Sense

Common sense is something that you should use in every aspect of your life. With a luxury car, though, it is arguably of even more importance. 

Everyone has some modicum of common sense, even if there are plenty who don’t always tap into it. But when it comes to your luxury car, consider how to take care of it and follow whatever your brain tells you to do. This can mean sensible and non-aggressive driving, careful parking, and also Autohouse Storage if you live somewhere that could experience storms, damage, or even general vandalism. 

Follow The Maintenance Schedule

A maintenance schedule for a Rolls-Royce Phantom will be different to that of a Range Rover, especially considering the difference in engine sizes (6.75-litre V12 petrol vs. at least 3.0-litre SDV6 diesel), so you’ll need to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule as outlined in the handbook. 

These recommendations would not be here if they were not useful. As expert mechanics and engineers work closely with manufacturers when designing these luxury cars, you must follow their advice. You might think you know a lot about cars, but their knowledge makes you look like you don’t even know where the steering wheel is.  

Wash And Clean Regularly

Your Porsche Panamera S-Model won’t generate attention if it’s covered in mud because you’re too lazy to get the hose out, so make cleaning your car a habit that becomes regular, and almost second nature. 

Part of the reason you’ve bought a luxury car is to show off the paint job, but failure to wash it regularly means the color will fade over time. You can’t just use any detergent, though, and make sure you don’t use a pressure washer either. Instead, a bucket with a water and professional car wash soap solution and a soft sponge will protect the paintwork and keep everything sparkling. 

Use Recommended Cleaning Products

While many luxury car owners only care about getting the body the wax and shine that mirrors the cool just bubbling off you, you mustn’t forget the interior. 

When cleaning the interior, such as the upholstery, you must ensure you’re using correct cleaning products. Some of these products might be a little pricey, but it’s better than stripping away the color and bleaching the seats and trims. 


The last thing you want to do is burnout and ruin your luxury vehicle before you’ve even got the chance to show it off. These cars are of objectively superior quality compared to your standard family sedan, and while that means they are much more fun to drive, it also means the onus is on you to ensure you care for them correctly. 

Cleaning your luxury Car dailycarblog
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