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Lotus Evija Electric Ultra Car Hit By Production Delay
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Bad news if you placed an order for your £2.4 million Lotus Evija, you might just have to stay moored on your luxury yacht for a further extra 5 months. Lotus recently announced a delay in production, which means if you were first to place an order you won’t receive until one until mid-2021. The current situation with the Covid-19 Pandemic has caused a 5-month delay in testing which has impacted hopes of beginning full production on time.

Because of early lock-down rules, Lotus missed 5 months of scheduled hot weather testing in Spain. This inevitably had a knock-on effect on the entire program. Only 130 Evijas will ever be made, thus far Lotus has 70 confirmed customers. Multi-millionaires across the globe have been barely affected by the economic impact caused by the global pandemic, which is a good sign for Lotus and a bad sign for joe average.

Real wages have decreased over the last 40 years while the cost of living has increased. The blame for this economic imbalance between the worker and corporation is often blamed on a global neo-liberal agenda. In addition, corporations pay less tax while also seeking tax subsidies which means the accumulation of wealth goes in one direction.

Hold on… we are digressing from the main topic, I do apologize… it happens from time to time.

Anyway. The Lotus Evija is a 2,000 bhp pure electric ultra-car able to hit 0-62mph in under 3-seconds and has a top speed of 200mph. Happy days!

Lotus Evija News, 2020, dailycarblog
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