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Mo Vlogs Buys Mercedes SLS Brabus With A Bag of Money

Mo Vlogs, the Dubai based YouTuber, bought himself a Mercedes SLS Brabus. He sold his two Range Rovers and a Lamborghini Aventador to buy the SLS Brabus. And in typical style, he paid for it in cash (a bag of cash) at the dealership. The Mercedes SLS was in production between 2010 and 2014 and was powered by a 6.2-litre 563bhp V8. Performance figures read, 0-62 mph in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 196 mph.

The SLS Brabus edition was tuned at 700 bhp, same 0-62mph time and offered a slight increase in top speed at 199 mph. But crucially it had a Brabus exhaust system which made it sound better. Mo Vlogs bought the SLS because it has now reached the status of a collector’s car.

Depending on mileage, age and condition, a stock Mercedes SLS can go for between £116,000 and £176,000 in the UK. The latter is a price index for year 11 models, the same age as the SLS featured in this video. A 2011 SLS Brabus retails for around £150,000 max. 

Mo Vlogs should have purchased a stock, factory spec SLS, stock editions acquire in value much better than third-party modified versions. Why? Originality. A factory spec Mercedes SLS is a snapshot of automotive evolution and history which always has more value to a collector

Mercedes SLS For Sale, dailycarblog
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