Maintain and Improve Your Motorcycle Performance

Riding a motorcycle isn’t all about going as fast as possible. While getting some speed going is definitely fun, there are other parts of your bike’s performance that matter too. You want to feel confident on your bike and that you can control it with ease. You need to be able to stop smoothly, turn corners tightly, and enjoy a smooth ride in different conditions. Whether you have some strong skills as a mechanic or you only know the basics, there are some steps that you could take to improve the performance of your motorcycle and make it a better machine. It won’t necessarily cost much to do the following things, especially if you’re willing to try doing them yourself.

Boost the Air Intake

Your motorcycle’s standard makeup can often be tweaked in a few different ways to enhance its performance, giving it more power and speed. One way to do this is by increasing the air intake, which you can do by reducing the restriction in the intake plumbing. You can increase the surface area of the air intake, as well as install a more free-flowing filter. This is an inexpensive way to boost the power to your bike, and you can choose from a range of kits to install. However, it could also increase fuel consumption. If you choose to do this, you might also want to make adjustments to your carburetor or tune your fuel injection to navigate the problem.

Upgrade the Exhaust

If you’re going to increase your motorcycle’s air intake, it can also make sense to upgrade the exhaust at the same time. Aftermarket exhaust systems are popular for people who want to add some performance to their motorcycle and get around the emissions requirements bikes have to adhere to when they’re manufactured.

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When you install a new exhaust, you have the opportunity to choose something lighter, which will immediately help you with performance. It will also work more efficiently for a healthier engine. You can benefit from installing a 2-into-1 pipe, which can also help to reduce noise.

Attend to Your Tires

Your motorcycle’s tires will likely slow you down if they’re not in good condition. Getting the pressure right is important, both in terms of avoiding it being too low and too high. When it’s too low, the tire will deform and cause further damage to your bike. But if the pressure is too high, the tire will start to show wear faster.

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As well as keeping an eye on tire pressure, consider whether new tires could be a good idea for your bike. While you could spend a lot on tires, they’re usually one of the more affordable motorcycle parts and accessories. There are plenty of options, and, unlike with a car, you only need to buy two of them. Your tires will need to be replaced eventually, but it’s worth considering how to keep them going for longer too.

Install New Brakes

Picking up some speed might be important when you’re riding your motorcycle, but being able to stop efficiently and safely also matters. Your braking system can be upgraded easily and inexpensively, so there’s really no reason not to consider it.


Replacing the stock lines for braided stainless steel lines is the first thing that you could do. They can give you better control, and they look nicer too. New brake pads will also give you better performance, with a choice of materials available.

Improve the Gearing


Your sprockets and chain are easy to replace and can improve your gearing. When you change either your front or rear gear sprocket, you can modify your gear ratio. Changing your chain to a lighter option will reduce weight and give you more sprocket options. It shouldn’t cost you very much to make these changes, perhaps a few hundred dollars if you perform the modifications yourself.

Change the Suspension Setup

Making adjustments to your bike’s suspension can make it more comfortable and fun to ride. One thing that you can do is adjust preload so that it’s set up or your weight. It’s a simple adjustment, but it can really improve things, and it costs practically nothing to do it.

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If you have a more complicated suspension system and are able to adjust it further, you can also adjust compression and rebound damping. This is also cheap to do and won’t take much of your time, either.

It doesn’t take a lot to give your motorcycle’s performance a boost. A few hundred dollars and a little time could help you to change a lot.

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