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Porsche Electric Cars, What You Need To Know
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Almost every car manufacturer in the world is now firmly in the process of manufacturing and delivering electric cars for customers in the near future, and even premium brands are now getting in on the action. Porsche, which had rolled out electric concept cars back in 2018, is now ready with production prototypes as well, which marry the traditional Porsche looks with modern technology under the hood. The Porsche Taycan electric sports sedan has recently been spotted with a new body style, which does not have any camouflage patterns as had been previously seen. The Taycan is the production version of the Mission E Cross Turismo concept car that Porsche had shown off at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. The model will be known as the Taycan Cross Turismo when it is finally put on sale, with the likelihood of that being in 2021.

The launch has been delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as it was originally supposed to go out sometime this year.

The Taycan Cross Turismo will effectively be a wagon option for the Taycan, similar to the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo wagon. The prototype versions which have been sighted have had protective body coverings, while some even had roof rails, making it obvious that this car will be positioned as a more rugged and rough option than the conventional wagon, known as a soft-roader in automotive circles. It is also possible that a conventional wagon is launched, akin to the Panamera Sport Turismo, as Porsche are generally fond of launching multiple versions and derivatives of a single product line. A Taycan Targa is also rumoured to be in development.

Electric Cars, Porsche Taycan interior dailycarblog

The performance of the car is expected to be similar to that of the Taycan sedan, with 4S, Turbo and Turbo S options potentially available, along with standard all-wheel drive, and power outputs from 522 to 616 horsepower, depending on the model.

The fact that the launch had to be delayed due to the COVID pandemic is just one indicator of the way in which this outbreak has hit auto companies all over the world. There has been a huge drop in demand for cars globally, as people are working from home and this may now be the future, with offices being relegated to occasional meeting points. At the same time, economies all over the world have seen huge drops in growth, which has consequently led to lower incomes and spending power for consumers to be able to afford cars.

Electric Cars, Porsche Taycan interior dailycarblogWhile many sectors can, and have gone online to survive during this time, that is not feasible for the automobile industry. Entertainment companies such as Netflix have reported very healthy numbers in terms of subscriptions and so on, while online casinos are also extremely popular. In fact, in New Zealand, there have been scores of new New Zealand online casinos which have popped up, but at the same time, the country also offers an example of how the auto sector can leverage the internet during these times.

Hyundai, the South Korean car manufacturer, recently unveiled its ‘Virtual Showroom’ program in New Zealand, where interested customers can receive a full tour of their preferred cars from the comfort and safety of their own homes. These tours can be booked in advance on Hyundai’s NZ website, where a product specialist will offer a 30-minute tour. All Hyundai cars available for sale in New Zealand can be taken on a virtual tour, with the level of detail completely down to the customer and their needs and wants.

This example shows how even the automobile industry can leverage remote working technology to its advantage during these uncertain times.

Porsche Electric Cars, dailycarblog
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