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This Volkswagen iD3 Actually Thinks It’s A Skoda
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Volkswagen’s copy/paste product development handbook has struck again. The iD3 EV is suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome and has identified with its hostage-takers into thinking it is a Skoda. The iD3 has even assumed a new identity, it is now called the Skoda Enyak iV. The so-called Volkswagen Skoda Enyak has even undergone life-altering surgery to ensure it looks different to the iD4, preferring a traditional look over the iD4’s radical trying-to-be-different appearance. The Volkswagen Skoda Enyak iV assumes a stylish exterior and interior appearance. Although one must re-iterate it is 100 percent Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen Skoda Enyak is more shazaam! looking than the iD3 upon which it is 100 percent based upon. Adopting a traditional crossover design language, the interior houses an equally simple and stylish design language. Although to get the leather bits-and-bobs as seen in these press images you are going to have to upgrade.  The Enyak iV will be offered in three trim levels, effectively three battery options that are based on range.

Volkswagen Skoda Enyak iV interior dailycarblog

The entry-level Enyak iV comes with a 55kWh lithium-ion battery pack mounted on the rear axle and develops 146bhp and 220 Nm torque (148PS / 162lb ft torque). The range is equated to around 211 miles, the top speed is 99 mph and 0-62 mph is rated at 11-seconds. 

The Enyak 60 ad 80 offers more power, 62kWh and 82kWh respectively.  They also get a bump in power, 177hp, and 201 hp, and torque for both increases to 310 Nm. The range also increases, the EnyakiV 60 will do 242 miles and Enyak 80 will go further, Volkswagen Skoda claims around 317 miles.

Volkswagen Skoda Enyak iV SE dailycarblog

There is also a 4-wheel drive variant, the Enyak iV 80x has twin electric motors 261hp, 425Nm of torque and 286 miles of pure electric range. And it doesn’t end there, the Enyak RS is the performance variant and produces 302hp and 460nm of torque and has a single range charge of 286 miles. Honestly, the Enyak, it’s like waiting for the Lords of The Rings movie to end.

No word yet on charging times, Volkswagen Skoda hasn’t revealed that information, but knowing Volkswagen they will just lie and hope you the customer are stupid enough to believe whatever you’re told. We the journalist certainly believe everything a well-meaning corporation tells us, because corporations are our friends who want to save us, human-kind, from ourselves.

Volkswagen Skoda Enyak iV RS dailycarblog

But yet again we digress from the main subject. The Volkswagen Skoda Enyak iV, it’s a Volkswagen in all but name, but a little less expensive. Prices for the Enyak iV start from £33k, it better be bloody good at that price!

Volkswagen Skoda Enyak iV dailycarblog
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