Christian Horner Red Praying Bull Honda
Honda Open To Offering Red Bull Technical Support After It Leaves F1 in 2021
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Honda’s decision to leave F1 has left Red Bull shell-shocked and scrambling around for a new engine partner. Honda says that it decided to pull out of F1 to focus its resources on meeting corporate carbon-neutral goals by 2050. That may well be the case, however, actions do speak louder than words. Over 48 hours ago Honda signed a multi-year extension to continue competing in the Indycar Series. Red Bull have only themselves to blame. They as a team had begun to get impatient with the lack of power that was expected from Honda’s V6 Hybrid F1 engine.

At the Russian Grand Prix, Christian Horner decided it was time to motivate Honda to double their efforts. Over the radio, Horner told Max Verstappen that he was slowest on the straights knowing the message would be picked up and publicly broadcast. This is not the way you treat your engine partner. And certainly not Honda who are working round the clock to build and supply Red Bull at their own cost. Red Bull made many other attempts to motivate Honda on numerous occasions over a number of weeks.

They were often mild compared to their previous dog fight with Renault. Upon hearing the radio message Honda must have said enough is enough and 24 hours later announced it was leaving F1. It’s no coincidence, Red Bull’s scripted radio-critique of their key partner backfired. 

Honda to leave F1 at the end of 2021 dailycarblog

Like all top Japanese companies, Honda uses the Samurai spirit to instil a sense of corporate purpose and discipline, strength through honour. They are always up for a fight. Nevertheless, they are keeping to that tradition of honour by being open to helping Red Bull develop their own in-house built engine using Honda’s V6 Hybrid blueprints and technical support.

“Honda is happy to talk to them (Red Bull) if they need us in any way, not only about the power unit but about other things as well” said Masashi Yamamoto, the Honda F1 Managing Director.

This is a classy way to operate. Remember that Red Bull… (do they actually read this?)

Christian Horner Red Praying Bull Honda
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