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Is The Skoda Octavia vRS Not The Right Fit For You?
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It’s official, you have to be the right fit to own a Skoda these days. Why? because Skoda says so. This is how Skoda is privately marketing their products. The “not the right ” marketing strategy is a new dynamic direction for Skoda. It has no basis in logic nor is it based on conventional statistical analysis known to humankind, throughout the solar, system, the galaxy, the universe. The “not the right fit” strategy is what it is, the marketing equivalent of pulling a rabbit out of a top hat. 

So how do you decide whether the Skoda Octavia vRS is the right fit for you? I don’t know, apparently, Skoda is going through a new paradigm shift, unconventional thinking is the new way forward. Do you know what unconventional thinking gets you? Dominic Cummings. Nevertheless, the Skoda Octavia vRS is as conventional as you can get these days, be it saloon or estate.

Skoda Octavia vRS not the right fit, interior dailycarblog

It is powered by a 2.0-litre TSi, 4-cylinder 245bhp petrol engine and rides on conventional 19-alloys, a 7-speed DSG transmission is standard. This particular model is even offered at a not so paradigm price of £31,495. But if the petrol version is not paradigm enough for you then perhaps you should wait. And if you do, you will get your hands on the Octavia vRS with diesel and plug-in hybrid powertrains.

A diesel Skoda? no one trusts a VW diesel engine these days. For many, it will be back to the future and back to petrol. The Octavia vRS is offered with a good amount of digital equipment. The standard sports suspension is lowered by 15mm. What is conventional about the “not the right fit” Octavia vRS is the payment terms.

Cold hard cash is the only way to buy a car very few people aspire to own. 

Skoda Octavia vRS not the right fit, dailycarblog
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