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4 Life Saving Tips for Driving In Winter Weather

When driving in winter the road becomes a lot riskier when there’s snow or ice covering it. Ice smoothens out the road surface, reducing the necessary friction. Hence, for your safety, it’s best to avoid driving as much as possible when it’s winter. However, there are errands that need to be taken care of. If you really need to drive, here are tips that will hopefully help you stay safe during the winter.

Check weather updates

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Before you do anything, it pays to check weather updates and know how cold or snowy a day is going to be. If you must drive, it’s wise to do it on days that are warmer or on days where snowfall is a bit tamer. When you drive on days that it’s snowing hard, you will have to face both slippery roads and hampered visibility, which is far too risky.

Keep your driveway clear of ice and debris

During winter, the publicly accessible roads and highways are not the only places that become even riskier. Your own driveway can be threatening if you do not rid it of debris and ice. To ensure safety, you can get the services of firms like Chloride Solutions to help you clean your driveway. Using their services will be a lot more efficient and effective than DIY cleaning, as they already have the tools and techniques that the job demands.

Slow down

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It should be clear by now that ice weakens the friction between your tires and the road. With less friction, it is going to be a lot easier for the wheels to just “slide” and for you to lose control of your vehicle. Hence, the best advice that you can take is to reduce your speed all throughout your trip. Your slower pace will allow the tires to be in full contact with the road, affording you the most friction as possible.

We are aware that there are cars that are built for speed, but even these vehicles can’t go full speed during icy days. Anyone who goes beyond 45 mph can be considered at fault if an accident occurs. 

Avoid using the brakes as much as possible

One of the laws of motion states that a moving object will keep on moving unless an unbalanced force acts on it. When you step on the brakes, an unbalanced force will immediately act on the vehicle. However, the energy of its forward motion won’t be easily contained; it will somehow still push the vehicle forward. Since the road doesn’t provide a nice grip, the vehicle can’t stay still and the forward push can easily lead to a slide.

Avoid unnecessary stops


While it pays to be helpful when driving in winter, even the best intentions can lead to the most regrettable outcomes during icy situations on the road. When you stop your vehicle to help, it becomes an unnecessary blockade that other motorists on the road will have to avoid. Given that the road is slippery, vehicle maneuvers might not work as effectively as normal. This can lead to total loss of control and even crashes. The best way to help in such circumstances is to alert authorities about the issue. They are better equipped to help without endangering other people.

Driving on ice isn’t such a great idea, but if it really has to be done, safety precautions must be strictly observed.

Driving in winter hacks and advice - Daily car blog
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