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Stefan “The Suit” Winkelmann is The President & CEO of Lamborghini… again
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His taste in suits made his name at Lamborghini from 2005 to 2016. And his suits continued to make his name when he became President of Bugatti from 2016 to present. Lamborghini has missed Winkelmann’s suits to such an extent that he will re-join the company to become the President and CEO effective from December 1, 2020. Stephan “the suit” Winkelmann will replace current President and CEO Stefano Domenicali who is heading back to Formula One to become the organisation’s CEO. Winkelmann will retain his current role as the President of Bugatti.

Stephan “The Suit” Winkelmann is the best-dressed CEO el-Presidente in the Automotive industry. Stefano Domenicali always had big suits to fill, preferring jumpers over the bespoke attire worn by Winkelmann. Winklemann’s trademark look is influenced by the finest bespoke tailors of Italy. He wears mostly business suits, fitted, soft-shouldered, single-breasted. He prefers a subdued color palette, alternating between dark navy blue or dark-grey-blue. On some occasions, he goes for a lighter shade of navy blue.

His shirts are often formal, with a widespread collar, the button-down cuffs are often left unbuttoned. The shirts are matched by a thin necktie that flares from the base of the bow. The color of the tie either compliments or slightly contrasts with the color of the suit. Every suit should be complemented by a high-caliber mechanical watch with a Swiss-made automatic movement.

Stephan The Suit Winkelmann Rolex Daytona - Dailycarblog

Winkelmann often matches his suits with a watch size that is often above 44mm. However, the photo above shows Winkelmann wearing a 40mm Rolex Daytona, the perfect size to compliment any suit, not overly large not, not overly small. But the price is large, a Rolex Daytona Platinium retails for £20,000 new.

On his return to Lamborghini Stephan “The Suit” Winkelmann commented:

“It is a great honor and pleasure for me to lead these two unique companies with their extraordinary automobiles. I am looking forward to the new challenge. Bugatti stands for the best, most powerful, elegant and luxurious hyper sports cars in the world. Lamborghini is the iconic expression of the most exclusive super sports cars demonstrating outstanding design and innovation. Our creativity in both companies is by no means finished and the world is assured of some surprises.”

Stephan The Suit Winkelman - dailycarblog
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