Lexus IS F Repair Tutorial dailycarblog
This Lexus IS F Has Lived A Hard Life After Accumulating 220,000 Miles

YouTuber Wrench Every Day bought his Lexus IS F with 40,000 miles on the clock. After 180,000 miles the Lexus is beginning to need attention, a lot of attention. The wheel bearings need replacing on all four wheels. A difficult task at the best of times, but to be expected after covering such high mileage.

The 5.0-litre, 417 bhp V8 is also requiring attention. The head gaskets are leaking oil and need replacing. What do you expect after 220,000 miles? Despite these mechanical ailments, the Lexus soldiered on when most other brands of engines would have packed in long ago.

Nevertheless, for a Lexus IS F these are minor issues and shows just how good the engineering is. So what is the art of longevity that all car owners should abide by? Maintenance, basic maintenance.

Lexus IS F Repair Tutorial dailycarblog
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