Sand Dunes of Corralejo Epic Road Trip Dailycarblog
Preparations You Should Make to A Car Before Going on A Epic Gran Canaria Road Trip

The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 does have an end date as the world enters a new phase against the war on Covid-19. Vaccines have been developed and approved in record time, hope for a resumption of normality is kindled. Summer is the expected end date and a new beginning. From vaccination to vacation, many people will be able to renew the joys of traveling overseas again without the need to wear a face mask or socially distance themselves. One popular destination on many traveler’s to-do list is the Canary Islands. The Island was arrested by Queen Isabella of Spain in 1483 and is located 800 miles away from the Spanish mainland nestled off the Atlantic coast of Northwest Africa.

The transport in Gran Canaria is well established and a great way for the adventurous spirit to roam the archipelago of 8 islands which offers some great driving routes. One of the most scenic routes is the desolation of the Corralejo Dunes on the island of Fuerteventura, the second largest of the Canary Islands. A road runs through the dunes dividing the land like a river with the North Atlantic Ocean lapping the shores not so far away. As with any epic road, trip preparation is the key to enjoying this great natural wilderness.

Sand Dunes of Corralejo Road Trip Dailycarblog

But with coronavirus placing restrictions on travel, most vehicles have sat unused. Car rental Tenerife is another option that you could consider. This is a fantastic way to explore the island, admiring all the scenery at your own pace. Nonetheless, here are some useful tips to make sure you get the vehicle in tip-top working order.

How To Prepare You Car For An Epic Road Trip

If the vehicle has sat idle for a long time, the main issue is a slow battery discharge. Ideally, you should check the state of the battery weekly. If a car sounds like it’s struggling to turn over the engine, it’s time to plug it in for a top-up. If possible run the engine at idle once a week, for a few minutes, as it should prevent components from being blocked by carbon.

This is a common problem with cars that are usually driven often and suddenly parked for a long time.

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A common issue with unused cars during the lockdown can be moisture gathering in an empty petrol tank, causing rust to build inside. This can be prevented simply by filling up the tank, even adding stabiliser fluid, to ensure the fuel stays fresh while the car remains parked. 

Test brakes for stiffness during an initial test drive, as the brake pads can become sticky. At the same time, drivers should identify any items that might be due for replacement and require urgent attention, as per the last service. It is recommended having brakes and fluids professionally checked, as build-up moisture can easily contaminate the brake fluids of irregularly used cars.

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Parking your car under trees can cause problems. Leaves can get into the air vents, causing problems with the air conditioner. When an air conditioning unit isn’t used or switched on occasionally, the rubber rings can dry out, which causes the system to leak. Furthermore, rotten leaves may be the reason for bad smells inside a car, while the viscous liquid from the leaves can corrode the paint on the outside.

Sand Dunes of Canary islands Daily Car Blog

Lubricate handles, locks and other moving parts, to provide an extra layer of protection under the bonnet, while also checking on the oil and filter. The used oil in car engines becomes contaminated with water, dust, metal filings, sludge and more. It’s advised to change the oil at the same time as the filters, and go for a short drive afterward to circulate the new oil around the engine. That way, it can provide the very protection it’s designed for.

Sand Dunes of Corralejo Epic Road Trip Dailycarblog
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