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This Influencer is Typical of The British Treating Spain Like A Trash Can

I don’t know what it is about our British brothers and sisters. The majority seem to treat Spain as if it was meant to be trashed and looted and then left for the local residents to pick up the cleaning bill. The British really do crap on the hospitality of Spaniards. They congregate in their own little British colonies so they can eat fish and chips layered with Heinz Tomato Sauce. The irony of visiting Spain to layer British fried fish and chips with Heinz Tomato sauce is lost on these mindless thugs.

And they the British waltz around Spain as if they conquered the land, hollering, yelling, and causing mayhem that they would not do back home in Blighty. And British YouTuber ergo influencer Ryan Taylor is emblematic of the problem with the British in Spain. There is an on-going pandemic and this moron does not even have the good grace among his hosts to wear a face mask or face covering.

The kid bought a beat-up $500 BMW and drove it around, beat it up some more and then dumped it in a local river. Would he do such a thing back home in England? The YouTuber stupidly uploaded the video onto YouTube and was subsequently arrested thereafter. Spanish Police charged Taylor with violating road safety and environmental laws. He was also charged with vehicle document forgery.

But companies love influencers who generate a large social media following so it’s business as usual for Ryan Taylor. The name of the game is always monetization.

Ryan Taylor, Moron, YouTuber, Dailycarblog
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