Bugatti Chiron Review by Doug DeMuro - dailycarblog
This is The Ultra Limited High-Performance Bugatti Divo

This is Doug DeMuro and he is reviewing the 1,500bhp Bugatti Divo, the higher performance variant of the high-performance Chiron. Only 40 Divo’s exist and each one costs $8 million. That’s a lot of money for a car, but the Divo is so rare that it is seen more as an investment than a vehicle to be driven. And for the people who can buy such cars money is no object.

The Bugatti Divo will only accumulate in value, you can’t say that about a Ford Fiesta. Anyway, Doug DeMuro bagged himself a Divo to review and as usual, he goes into forensic detail over the entire car. The Divo is a track and performance-focused variant of the Chiron

Bugatti Chiron Review by Doug DeMuro - dailycarblog
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