BMW iX is a fridge - Dailycarblog
Former Automotive Design Master Compares the BMW iX to A Fridge

Design Sensei and former master BMW designer slates the new BMW iX exterior design language. Frank Stephenson gives a detailed breakdown of BMW’s all-electric SUV. Stephenson points out that the iX is not an SUV but an SAV, Sports Activity Vehicle. The BMW iX is actually closer to the X5 and X7 in approximate size. But as a great philosopher once said, “size matters not, judge me by my size do you?”

Stephenson doesn’t reserve his criticism to the controversial and idiotic looking kidney grille. Stephenson slates the entire exterior design language. The BMW iX looks “static” and is a  ‘Soulless’ ‘Oxymoron’ says Stephenson. We here at DCB HQ actually think the iX design language looks OK and that the new idiotic looking kidney grille suits the overall design.

But what do we know, we will defer to the opinions of the expert former BMW designer.

BMW iX is a fridge - Dailycarblog
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