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Range Rover Velar PHEV Get’s Ass Kicking By Twitter
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Land Rover, 75 years in the auto business, and they still haven’t got a clue about how to make a car. If you peel away the sweet wrapper milquetoast media fawning, what is revealed is British jingoism, nostalgia and denial. Denial of the truth and the truth is out there, specifically Twitter which always kicks Land Rover’s unreliable ass back into reality. Land Rover is currently promoting the Range Rover Velar PHEV, the company’s slow march into electrification. But Twitter users are not fooled and start calling out Land Rover for being… Land Rover. Land Rover, a company caught up in its own inflated sense of self-importance. It’s the Land Rover way.

Land Rover is stuck in a servile space-time continuum, riding on a rocket to no-where, eking an existence on back-slapping, faded imperialism and egotism. They say they have an electric car strategy, but that’s like Baldrick saying he has a “cunning plan”. Anyway, we have compiled a list of Twitter users kicking down Land Rover’s well-polished marketing lies, of course, it’s selective, we’re merely doing journalism:

The Twitter vs Range Rover Velar PHEV Delusions

Land Rover Velar Tweets Dailycarblog
Land Rover Velar Twitter Dailycarblog

Land Rover Twitter Shit dailycarblog
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