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How to Buy the Perfect Roof Box for Your Car

A roof box is a great way for your family to expand the storage space that your car offers when you will be on the road. Rather than leaving behind your significant gear or letting everyone in the car feel uncomfortable, investing in a cargo carrier is a perfect idea. The US Travel Association states that the number of domestic leisure trips reported for 1,821.2 million in 2018, and it is expected to cross over 1,900 million by 2022. As more people in the country choose road trips and water sport activities during their vacations, the demand for roof rack and roof carrier boxes is also rising.

What Really Is a Roof Carrier Box?

A roof carrier is designed to offer different storage spaces for things like suitcases, sleeping bags, sports bags, outdoor or camping equipment, and more.

Since these roof carriers offer varied utilities, taking your time to choose the suitable one is essential. When you shop for your car roof carrier, you will want to consider several different things. Here are some crucial points to consider when purchasing one for your car.

Check the Capacity

In case you are a solo traveler who loves to get lost in the countryside, a tiny, lower-capacity box can do the job for you. However, if you are taking the entire family away for a few weeks, go for the biggest size you can find.

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However, remember that roof carrier boxes can range in sizes from extremely small, at less than ten cubic feet, to more than 20 cubic feet. If you are a car owner with a smaller vehicle, you certainly need to pick a smaller option.

Opening, Accessibility, and Safety

Some roof carrier boxes open a lot more quickly than others, and hence, it means you will have faster and easier access to your belongings. It is best if you look for a carrier that opens easily. Also, consider what side of the road you may be on when you open your carrier. Some boxes only open on one side, and it makes using them in certain situations challenging.

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You can also look for the boxes that have Dual-Side opening, and hence you can easily access the stuff in your roof carrier box from either side of your vehicle. Moreover, it is great if the roof box you choose has an exclusive Lock Knob that makes your box easy to open and close.

The Box Shape for Your Car

Different shapes of roof boxes are there you can purchase, but in general, these shapes emerge from two main types; rounded and square or rectangular. A rounded roof box can prove to be great for use as your second boot space, and it is suitable for additional equipment and clothing. But it can fit nothing too big.

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If you are with extra items like ski poles or a pram, you may require to consider a square box. It is because it will permit you more space for bulky gear. Moreover, when talking about width, narrow boxes are quite handy if you wish to leave space for a bike or even two or a kayak. You can find these boxes in longer or shorter sizes. Hence, it really depends on the proportion of box gear to carry huge additional items like bikes.

To sum up, now that you know so many things about the roof box, it will be quite simpler for you to make a purchase.

Best Roof Top Box 2021 Daily Car blog
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