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Self Styled King of Cars Reveals The New Generation C Class Interior

Awkward YouTube presenter and self-styled King of cars MercBenzKing is tasked with pre-reviewing the all-new generation C Class. MercBenzKing takes a look around at the new exterior and interior. And it seems that the C Class is turning into a mini-me S Class. Certainly, from what we can see, the new generation C Class borrows styling cues from the S Class interior.

The central dashboard is dominated by a portrait-style infotainment screen and the driver’s binnacle is also fully digital. As of now, we do not know if the entry-level C Class will come with a smaller infotainment touchscreen. Mercedes often rely’s on the options list to boost their car sales, so we fully expect the entry-level C Class to be offered with a smaller touchscreen.

Anyway, that’s really just speculative, we’re off to watch the video and note how many times the self-styled King of Cars MercBenzKing comes across as awkward. It’s not deliberate on his part, it’s just his way.

MercBenzKing - Dailycarblog
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