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Red Bull Reveals Sponsors Ahead of 2021 Pre-Season Testing
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Red Bull has revealed its 2021 challenger for the 2021 Formula One campaign, the RB16B. With the regulations frozen for one last year, all teams have decided to evolve their 2020 cars. However, the RB16B launch is very much aimed at the sponsors, they get free coverage as a result of the media feeding frenzy. What you see in today’s reveal is not what you will see at the first race of the season on March 14 in Bahrain. Most teams opt to use the first race to introduce the full race-spec car and that car will evolve and get faster over the course of the season. Indeed the real change will occur in 2022 when sweeping regulation changes will usher in a new look to the F1 grid.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner explained:

“It’s the first time we’re taking a chassis with us into the new season. And because of the homologation regulations, there is also a high percentage of parts. That’s why it’s more honest to call the car RB16B. The next model for 2022 will be RB18. That is why there will never be an RB17.”

Red Bull RB16B 2021 - Front - Dailycarblog

Red Bull will retain Honda power for one more year after which they will take full responsibility for powertrain development and manufacture from 2022 onwards.  Red Bull was the only serious challenger to Mercedes’s 2020 dominance. Which is an oxymoron because they won only two races as Mercedes locked down yet another championship.

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Racing Point outcast Sergio Perez takes on the difficult task of being teammate to Max Verstappen. Red Bull is one of the high-profile reveals so far and they join recent reveals from Alpine, McLaren and Alfa Tauri. F1 pre-season is scheduled to take place over three days and will be held at the Bahrain International Circuit between 12-14 March.

Red Bull RB16B 2021 - Dailycarblog
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