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Why you Should Buy an EV Car in 2021


A car is not the best investment in the world. As soon as it rolls off the production line it starts to depreciate in value. That’s why many car owners choose a higher purchase deal where the car can be handed back and the end of the tenure. 

An EV car may still depreciate in value but the savings you make more that compensate. That’s what makes an EV car a better investment. Over the same tenure you will save a considerable sum of fuel and maintenance costs that can be invested in your next vehicle. 


Sure modern cars are quiet on the road bust you can still hear the hum of the engine. It may not be something you even notice until you invest in a silent EV car. Furthermore, EVs today are much faster than in previous years, with acceleration speeds that compete with many gas powered alternatives. 

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The improvements in EV performance have come from the car manufacturers who are responding to increased consumer demand. Better batteries and fewer working parts are making EV cars lighter, faster, and more reliable. Coupled to that there’s an overall improvement in charging infrastructure.


In previous years gas powered cars have been preferred not only for their performance but also their convenience. You can buy fuel anywhere  which wasn’t always the case with EVs. Today, with more EV power stations available and home charging a more realistic possibility EVs are the natural choice. 

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Apart from not using expensive gas and contaminating the local air, EVs further benefit from having fewer working parts than gas powered vehicles. This means regular maintenance costs are lower. There is no need to invest in a complex engine infrastructure that needs constant attention.


Some people have reservations about EV cars. They have always driven a gas powered vehicle and have confidence in the process of buying and maintaining one. Convincing people to try EVs is the main hurdle, but when they see the clear advantages the choice is a simple one. 

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That is why EVs are good to lease. They allow drivers to sample the benefits of an EV and try it for themselves, without a Car Finance agreement. In general EVs are more expensive to buy than gas powered cars, but they are far cheaper to run. 


The idea that EV cars are the answer to the planet’s climate problems is something of a misnomer. It’s true that they pollute the air much less than gas powered cars, and they create a clearer local environment. However, their electricity is still partially created in power stations with Co2 emissions

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That said, the advantages of editing less Co2 in your local area and in general are clear. A better quality of air in the city contributes to healthier lifestyles for people living there, both children and adults. If you want to invest in a new vehicle in 2021, it’s worth considering EV, they are the future and the way the market is moving.

Tesla Model 3, Autogefuhl 2020 review, dailycarblog.com
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