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Are Electric Golf Carts a Viable form of Inner-city Transport?

For quite some time, the EPA has pressured makers of driving vehicles to come up with efficient electric models. That led to electric golf carts being created. These vehicles have evolved quite a bit, to the point of being just as efficient as gas-powered golf carts while being far less noisy and considerably more environmentally efficient. Modern electric golf carts consistently outperform their gas-powered peers in terms of start-up acceleration, speed, and capacity for slowing when going downhill. Older models of electric golf vehicles won’t have such features.

Contemporary technology means new models come pre-equipped with sophisticated electronic controllers that result in responsive maneuverability.

Electronic technology has come far enough that very few any longer believe that gasoline-powered golf carts are a step up or more from their electric counterparts in regards to performance. The following are 6 things you can generally expect when you use an electric golf cart.

1) Issue-Free Operations

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If you’re not a mechanic and don’t want to hassle with keeping a vehicle running, then you might want to go electric. Vehicles powered by batteries are intended for simple operation. Even novice users are able to safely maneuver around a course with one of these.

2) Limited Mileage

Electric carts, wonderful as they are, have limited battery life. They’ll only get you about 25 miles before you need to recharge the unit to get it going once more.

3) Maximum Speed

Electric golf vehicles don’t get speeding tickets. They’re only good for about 20 MPH. That speed’s just fine for getting around a golf course, a leisurely trip around your neighborhood or a run to the local grocery store (assuming the cart is street legal and has things like turn signals, lights, a windshield, etc.)

It’s still more than enough speed to save you the time and energy you’d otherwise spend getting around.

4) A Friend To The Planet

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Compared to gas-powered models, electric golf carts don’t put out the carbon monoxide that hurts the planet’s environment. Batteries have yet to match the power of a gas engine, but they can get you around without polluting the sunny skies you’re enjoying while carting around.

5) Limited Places To Drive Them

Electric golf vehicle use is restricted to certain zones, including some golf courses, corporate premises, and any roads covered by Neighborhood Electric Vehicle rules and regulations. You can’t drive these wherever you want.

6) Quiet Rides

Since electric vehicles don’t have engines that make noise while running, you and your passengers can have no trouble hearing each other or the world around you. Use them in a neighborhood to move equipment, appliances, and merchandise quietly.

A lot of consumers are waking up to the benefits of electric vehicles. As with other machines, they do have their limits, but they also have positive attributes that work well for users, neighbors, and the world’s environment.

Electric Golf Cart Dude - dailycarblog
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