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Honda Reveals The Thought Process Behind The HR-V Concept
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Honda has revealed further details about the design language and approach behind the all-new generation hybrid only HR-V. It’s all about incorporating seamless, clean design philosophy with “strong” SUV stance. Honda began by focusing on its ‘Man-Maximum, Machine-Minimum’ (M/M) development principle, which is based on the belief that the purpose of technology and design is to serve the needs of the driver and passengers. Inside the new HR-V, every design element is dedicated to achieving a sense of generous spaciousness and airiness that connects occupants to the outside world.

This begins with windows that are designed to admit as much light as possible, with the excellent outward visibility further aided by the horizontally oriented instrumental panel and flat line of the bonnet for noiseless visibility leading to additional comfort while driving.

Honda HRV Desig Philosophy - Interior - dailycarblog

Honda Large Project Leader, Kojiro Okabe, added: “We designed the all-new hybrid HR-V to reflect the exacting values and needs of modern consumers and appeal to a new generation of car owners. They demand purpose and innovation from the products they interact with.

Honda HRV Design Concept - dailycarblog

By cleverly applying Honda’s latest technologies and design ethos, we have created a car that will provide the spaciousness, connectivity, reliability and versatility required to fully support and enhance their everyday lives.”

The all-new HR-V e:HEV will be available in Europe in late 2021. Customers can register their interest now on the Honda website,

Honda HRV Desig Philosophy - dailycarblog
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