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The Anakin Skywalker ID3 is Available in Entry Level Pure Performance Trim
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Con artists Volkswagen who for nearly 25 years lied, cheated, polluted for you and for me and the entire world with their dieselgate get quick rich scam, have added an entry-level variant to the Anakin Skywalker ID3 electric hatch. They call it the Pure Performance, we call it out as what… the… actual… fcuk? Our view of the ID3 is pragmatic. Its very existence is born out of fraud, it is a denial, it is a way of moving forward without ever accepting responsibility. The ID3’s very existence was born from the embers of dieselgate. It is an oxymoron. In time, necessity and personal preference will draw a line in the carbuying sand as the memory of dieselgate fades from the public consciousness.

Consumer forgetfulness, or rather buyer pragmatism is the definition of free publicity, which is worth billions in annual sales. But we here at the Daily Car Blog will never forget. Anyway, the Anakin Skywalker ID3 Pure Performance is powered by a single electric motor. Power is supplied by a 45 kWh battery and it supports fast charging. As an example, it takes 31 minutes to charge the batteries from 5 percent to 80 percent. 

Volklswagen ID3 Pure Performance Anakin Skywalker - Stupid VW Badge - Dailycarblog

Being an entry-level model means you get entry-level range, 217 miles combined. The top speed is an entry-level 99mph and the 0-62 time is covered in an entry-level 8.9 seconds. Confusingly the Pure Performance variant is available in two separate sub-variants City and Style. This is a way of gentrifying more money from your pocket.

Standard equipment for the entry-entry-level City Performance includes LED headlights and rear taillights. Also included are heated front seats, heated steering wheel, rain-sensing wipers, USB connectivity, and a 10-inch infotainment system. You also get the latest in driver-assistive tech the highlights being adaptive cruise control and front and rear parking sensors. The other stuff ensures you don’t get killed or kill anyone else.

Prices for the entry-entry-level Anakin Skywalker ID3 start from £28,370 once the government EV grant is included.

Volklswagen ID3 Pure Performance Anakin Skywalker - Dailycarblog
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