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Can Sim Racing Recreate Real World Driving?

The answer is an absolute no, Sim racing/simulators can never recreate the real driving environment. However, in the world of professional racing where testing is limited racing simulators have become an absolutely essential tool for testing, training and accumulating knowledge. Modern, advanced simulators costing millions do get as close to the real experience as is technically possible. For the average consumer, the race sim setup consists of a DualSense wireless controller or a Logitech steering wheel combined with a console or PC.

No matter what your budget, racing sims have always been a good way of understanding how to race. And this understanding can be extrapolated into the real world. But real-world driving or racing will always be the benchmark. If you have ever driven on a track then you will experience g-forces, fear, noise, speed, braking, lack of grip, lots of grip, downforce, turbulence, disappointment and on rare occasions joy.

The modern-day consumer-grade sim racer is getting visually far more realistic. The best sim racer that has ever been, in my opinion, is Geoff Crammonds F1 Grand Prix for the PC. Technically speaking, it is a masterpiece. The best race sim for the console is the Grand Turismo series. Consoles have always lacked power compared to the PC which is why PC sim racing will always the better option.

YouTuber Driver61 explores the world of racing sims vs the real world.

Racing sim vs the real world - dailycarblog
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