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Stephan “The Suit” Winkelmann Shines A Light On Lamborghini’s Electrification Strategy
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Lamborghini CEO, Stephan “The Suit” Winkelmann has outlined his vision for Lamborghini’s drive to an electrified future. The three-phase roadmap will begin with a two-fingered salute, in-yer-face, no-filter ode to the combustion engine launch of two new V12 models in 2021. This will be the last supper of Lamborghini’s V12 era. Stephan “The Suit” Winkelmann calls it a celebration, but it is really a death-rattle, a screw you to emissions legislators. So much for that environmentally sustainable strategy. Lamborghini has yet to reveal details of the two new V12 models. But we can imagine they will look insane and fly like a rocket ship.

Phase 2 will see Lamborghini make the full hybrid transition by the end of 2024 for the entire model lineup. By this time, Lamborghini will launch its first full hybrid series production car. Phase 3 will see the introduction of Lamborghini’s first fully electric car in the second half of the decade. By 2030, after over 110 years the combustion engine will become obsolete.

Stephan Winkelmann Lamborghini CEO

Hopefully, battery technology should evolve to supersede the advantages offered by fossil-fueled cars. Specifically improved range, ultra-fast recharge times and a superior supercharger network. The biggest takeaway here isn’t Lamborghini’s roadmap to an electric future because it is an inevitability. It has to happen.

No. the important aspect here is Stephan “The Suit” Winkelmann’s suit. Yet again the Lamborghini boss is giving CEOs across the world a lesson in the art of corporate attire. The Italian fitted pin-stripe, three-button single-breasted outfit is bespoke. The Neopolitan style suit is perfect for gentlemen with a slim build.

The natural shoulder or “shirt shoulder” is so-called because it follows the natural shape of the wearer’s physique. The trousers are worn with no break just above the shoe, meaning there is no fabric-fold resting on the shoe. The cut-away shirt collar is complemented by a necktie fashioned into an oriental knot.

And finally, Stephan “The Suit” Winkelmann prefers to fix the top two buttons leaving the third unbuttoned. All-in-all it’s a classic yet modern look.

Stephan The suit Winkelmann - dailycarblog
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