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The Media is Trying To Gaslight Valtteri Bottas Out of Mercedes
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According to media reports, Mercedes is deeply unhappy with Valtteri Bottas. His current race performances haven’t delivered and preparations are underway to replace the Fin with George Russell. Russell deputized for Covid-19 stricken Lewis Hamilton at the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix. He should have won was it not for a pitstop blunder. And since then the future of Valtteri Bottas has come under searchlight scrutiny. Basically, the British media wants Bottas out of Mercedes F1 and Russell in. And the media organisation responsible for this gaslighting is the ra-ra British publication the Daily Mail. 

The pompous “do you know who I am” and self-entitled Daily Mail apparently has a credible source within Mercedes. And According to the Daily Mail a Mercedes F1 engineer allegedly stated:

“There is some unrest at the factory about Valtteri. He is not up to it, which was made clearer by the job we saw Russell do in Bahrain.”

If I was a senior executive working at Mercedes F1 I would be very concerned that my engineers are openly talking to any Media organization without prior permission. Because if that engineer is openly talking to the media, is he/she talking to rival teams? Are team secrets being divulged? I would take action to find and discipline this individual within the organisation. Clearly, the Daily Mail is gaslighting its readership. Why?

Valtteri Bottas dumping ground

To get more clicks, sell more newspapers is the obvious answer. And they want to talk about and promote a white British driver because Sir Lewis Hamilton is still too black for them. Why? Because a white British driver will get more clicks and sell more newspapers and they have chosen George Russell to fulfill their future business verticals. This is the same news organization who once said professional women cause Autism. 

Valtteri Bottas is a fast enough driver on his day but is not yet able to match Sir Lewis Hamilton’s race-by-race consistency. That being said, Bottas does have way more integrity than the Daily Mail a respectable news organisation that once published a story of a Nigerian Hotel serving human flesh. It was completely false.

Whenever a news organisation prints “a source says” it is bullshit, there is no source just gaslighting… to generate more web clicks and sell more newspapers.

The Gaslighting of Valtteri Bottas - dailycarblog
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