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The All New Kia Sportage is Now All Grown Up
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It appears as if Kia has used a design blueprint from Stellantis because the all-new Sportage looks a bit Vauxhall-ish. That being said, all new it is, and for the better because the last generation Sportage was beginning to look tired and worn out. On appearances alone, the all-new Sportage looks modern and dare I say… refined. What you are seeing here is the international version. Apparently, Europe will get a specifically designed variant. We don’t know why that should be the case, but we do know Europeans have more refined expectations.

European refinement and tastes largely focus on the interior. From the photo’s we can already see a much cleaner and upscale design language. A large dominant panoramic interactive screen replaces many primary and secondary buttons. All in all the new approach both on the outside and inside is very, very appealing. It’s all been very thoughtfully designed for sure.

All New Kia Sportage interior - Dailycarblog

But one area where KIA is lacking in terms of refinement is execution. Specifically, the interior because let’s face it that’s where owners spend all their time. Kia interiors have not been to the same standards as the build quality you find in a Volkswagen. Sometimes the trim can be a bit flimsily put together. That’s one area that has always required improvement.

All New Sportage - Rear - dailycarblog

As enthusiastic as we are about the new Kia Sportage it still has a generic SUV look. But it has gone to the top of our long-term test fleet wish list. Yes, you read that correctly, we do wish for a Kia… these are strange times indeed. Nevertheless, Kia has not revealed too much more about the all-new Sportage. We should know more in terms of price and specification in September.

All New Sportage Dailycarblog
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