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Mat Watson Drives His Dream Ferrari, But There is A Twist…

Carwow’s Mat Watson has fulfilled his oath by driving his dream Ferrari, the 308 GTS. And he also happens to be in the presence of his second dream Ferrari, the 1980’s Testarossa. When he mentioned Magnum P.I and Miami Vice, being aging Millennials we had not a clue what he was on about. A quick internet search reveals Mat was referring to popular TV shows from the 1980s that featured both the 308 GTS and Testarossa.

I have to say the 308 GTS still looks amazing, Ferrari hasn’t made great-looking cars since the late 1980s, excluding the 458 Italia. However, the Ferrari Mat Watson is driving has been converted to run on a Tesla powertrain. With 450bhp the 308 GTS obliterates the V12-Boxer powered Testarossa.

Dream Ferrari Driven - Dailycarblog
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