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WhistlinDiesel is Building Monstermax Magnum Opus

WhistlinDiesel is building Duramax Monstermax Magnum Opus. The self-harming YouTuber says it is the world’s heaviest pickup truck. Monstermax Magnum Opus will ride on tractor tyres, each one weighing 2,500lbs. The side-mounted fuel tanks are shaped like missiles. The metal nose cone that fits on the end of each fuel tank is milled from solid steel, each one weighing 250lbs.

The front axels are replaced with giant axels weighing 8,000lbs each, that’s 4-metric tonnes. Clearly, this is an obscenely heavy pickup. So it will require a lot of power. Indeed it is powered by two V8 engines, the second one is mounted to the rear payload. That’s a V16 engine that makes for over 1,400hp and over 2,000Nm of torque.

Monstermax Magnum Opus - dailycarblog
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