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Toyota Morally And Ethically Corrupt? Accused of Donating To ‘Stop The Steal’ Conspiracy Theorist Senators
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It has been clear for many years that Toyota isn’t fully on-board with the jump to a battery-electric future. Unsurprising considering they have invested billions into developing hybrid technology. Switching to battery electric-powered vehicles would be throwing away decades of investment and development. And future profits. You can understand Toyota’s position. Yet they continue to conjure up an image of being a company that values the environment and wants to protect the natural world for future generations. It’s all total nonsense, it is a carefully crafted bait-and-switch public position to enable and maximize profits. Every company needs to make profits, that isn’t the issue. The issue is the pretense and of a corporation trying to make out, they are your best friend through the illusion of inspirational and aspirational marketing campaigns.

Toyota isn’t your best friend, it doesn’t want to protect the environment and we can confirm that by how Toyota conducts its business affairs in the USA. The political culture in the USA is corrupt. This corruption manifests itself into corporate lobbying which is legalized bribery because the US Senate made it legal. Corporations are allowed to donate money to members of congress. In other words, corporations are buying influence and this allows them to exert pressure on politicians to draft favorable legislation. Legislation that could impact future generations and the environment.


American news website, Axios, discovered that Toyota donated $55,000 to 37 right-wing members of the Republican Party. One of the recipients of Toyota’s generosity was Arizona Republican Andy Biggs who supported the “Stop The Steal” event which led to what is regarded as a Hick-led insurrection on congress. Other recipients have backed conspiracy theories and foster an anti-environment stance. Toyota knows this and to their credit isn’t feigning ignorance.

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a Toyota spokesperson told Axios: “We do not believe it is appropriate to judge members of Congress solely based on their votes on the electoral certification,”

Roughly translated, Toyota is saying fuck you concerned consumer, fuck you environment, fuck all of you. Fuck off.

Toyota’s deceit and lack of morals and ethics have come under the scrutiny of major investors who have been putting pressure on Toyota to end its support of Trump era anti-environmental policies. Yes, Toyota, that Toyota the good friend, nice neighbor, environmentally concerned corporation, is actually outing itself as anti-environmental. Toyota, we are very disappointed…

Tetsuo Ogawa Toyot USA CEO - dailycarblog
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