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Suzuki Jimny is Back, And This Time It Means Business
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Over a year ago Suzuki UK had to discontinue sales of the Jimny because it didn’t meet strict emissions regulations. However, the company has found a loophole by threading a new narrative and turning the Suzuki Jimny into a light commercial vehicle for business users. Come on Suzuki, you’re havin’ a laugh. That being said the Jimny has appeal, you just want to own one because it looks so damn cool. To get around emissions regulations Suzuki removed the rear seats and the 4×4 powertrain and hey presto, it sailed through regulatory testing.

Apart from the removal of the 4×4 system, the Jimny light commercial for business users (why didn’t they call it the Cargo Edition) is still powered by the same 100 bhp, 1.5 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine. AWD is part-time and if business users want to rest their Jimny on a street kerb, they can do so with ease due to the low transfer gear.

Suzuki Jimny Cargo Edition RV - dailycarblog

Being a commercial vehicle, the Jimny has no rear seats that opens up a loading bay of 863-liters. Safety features include descent control, hill hold and automatic emergency braking. Just in case you want to quickly stop and buy some flowers in Notting Hill.

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Why Suzuki didn’t bother to turbocharge the engine we will never know. Cost is usually a factor in such cases. Don’t be surprised when a ‘businessman’ decides to turbocharge his Jimny light commercial. It’s always a man.

Suzuki Jimny Cargo Edition Cargo Bay - dailycarblog

With one model available, pricing starts from £16,796 excluding VAT (£19,999 including VAT) as a Solid colour. If you want to know the full spec, visit your nearest dealer, we’re not car salesmen.

Suzuki Jimny Cargo Edition - dailycarblog
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