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What You Should Do After a Car Accident, Not at Fault

You can get into a car accident whenever you are on the road. More than half of road traffic deaths occur amongst pedestrians and cyclists. Over one million people die each year due to road crashes. Yet an accident doesn’t have to devastate you. If you get into a car accident not at fault, you can receive the money for your bills.

What should your first step be once an accident has taken place? When is the right time to contact law enforcement? When should you call for a lawyer?

Answer these questions and you can put a horrible car accident in your rear-view mirror. Here is your quick guide.

Take Care of Your Health

A no-fault car accident can be as dangerous to your health as an at-fault car accident. Always be mindful of dangers on the road, including weather conditions that can cause a crash. If you are feeling sleepy or sick, do not go on the road.

After an accident, turn your attention to your health. Make sure you are breathing properly, and check your body for any cuts or fractures. Leave your vehicle if you are in an unsafe environment, but avoid moving as much as possible.

Go to the Police


Call 911 on your cell phone as soon as possible. Even if someone else has already done so, calling 911 directs medical attention to you and puts a timestamp on your actions. Remain on the phone with the dispatcher.

Seek medical attention, even if you think you do not need it. Once you are a good condition, contact the police department and get documents for yourself. Get the police report about the accident and the information of the responding officer.

Do Your Research

Acquiring the police report is your first step for filing for insurance compensation. You should get the contact information of witnesses and acquire their testimonies.

Get details about the scene where the accident took place, including bends in the road. You may be able to acquire surveillance footage of the accident or of the moments leading up to it. Go to local stores with surveillance cameras and ask for their tapes.

Get Legal Assistance

Receiving compensation is more difficult than you think. Many states allow insurers to adjust their compensation rates if the injured driver had any degree of car accident fault. One mistake may cost you thousands of dollars.

Find a lawyer who is experienced in telling who is at fault for car accidents. You may be able to find a personal injury attorney who has worked for insurance companies in the past. They can use their experience to detail their case in court.

Deal With a Car Accident Not at Fault


A car accident not at fault can be as difficult as an at-fault wreck. Stay composed and deal with your own health. Prioritize your breathing and any open wounds.

Get help from doctors and the police. Once you are well, acquire the police report with your accident information.

Build your compensation case with evidence that shows you were at no fault. Never approach the insurer alone. Get a lawyer with a background in dealing with complicated accidents.

Cars can create a lot of stress. Knowing the facts will help you decompress. Follow our coverage for more auto safety guides.

Car Accident, Tom Cruise,
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